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i'm going insane! maroon5 is having an acoustic and signing show at BORDERS on the 24th of nov! before the show!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i have never heard them sing acoustic. it starts at one. SF DT BORDERS! whoever could make it, should make it. i'll be there. but yeah, i am so happy right now. i get to see them four times in three days bwhahahahahah

yeah, I CANT WAIT!! 11 daysss SEXY LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on another note, i was reading heather's update and i saw this pic and she had these captions on. i laughed for about 5 mins at that "i am jesus" part hahaha YAY they went GOLD!

Adam: "Gold? Psh!"
James: "Just smile and look pretty for the camera".
Jesse: "I am Jesus".
Ryan: Is that even Ryan? LOL.
Mickey: "Omg! Omg! I am touching Clive Davis!"

and after finished laughing, i realized that mickey's wearing the scarf i gave him (click)!!! and here are pictures of me once i got the scarf. (click) and me after i gave it to him. (click)

this is my dream come true...
seeing them wear my gift in someone else's pictures.
ahahahahaha! yes!!!
MY FRICKING SCARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as jos would put it, "I'm bouncing off the walls"
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