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another survey

1. What's your porn name?
2. Do you go commando?
i can?? whatever you like baby LOL
3. What's the theme song to your life?
"My Love is like WHOA" hahahaha jk
4. What could you not live without sex or music?
that one! yay!
5. What are you craving right now?
to see my BOYS! MAROON5!! 10 more days!!
6. What's your fetish?
i like good smell on guys. i like hair on the head hehe. clean hair. hahah
7. Ever have phone sex?
that one time... at band camp... lol jk
8. What's your favorite item of clothing on the opposite sex?
long jackets. depends on style tho. preferrably black. i think it really depends on how they are wearing any type of clothing.
9. What's the one thing you must achieve before you die?
get jesse to add me on friendster... HmmmMmMm more like be his friend. oOoOoo or maybe more hahah i'm obsessed.
10. What do you want on your tombstone?
Here Lies Eliza ... Beloved Wife, Daughter, Mother and Friend. We'll Miss Your Smiles... ? i DUnno. something sweet? i just wanna be married with kids and friends before i die LOL
11. What movie explains you?
uhm.... i know i watch a lot of movies.. but not THAT much lol but it hink my life could be interesting enough to be a movie ;D
12. If you could change your name what would it be?
i like my name =)
13. In your opinion who's the hottest person of the opposite
sex on your friendster list?
Hmmm…let me go look…oh wait, I kno! CARLOS! <-- HAHAH!!!! but i would have to say MAROON5 hehe
14. What celebrity annoys the hell out of you?
15. What's your fantasy?
ohhhh to date jesse and have him ask me to tour with him... OMG lol
16. Dream car?
whatever that's spacey, four door and that can run for long road trips hahaha

18. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes, even if u think it’s just lust, must start somewhere right? <-- good answer, but it's not LOVE LOVE hehe
19. Favorite lyrics?
"i'm happy because you exist" from Andy. lol
20. Are you crushing on someone right now?
no dont think so
21. Are brains sexy?
you mean do i find someone who's smart sexy? well it depends on what smarts lol
23 Favorite body part?
hairs or necks
24. Favorite fast food restaurant?
i like all hehe
25. Who sent this to you?
i got it off der

10 DAYS!
Tags: time waster

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