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fly more, it's cheaper

so i'm going to NY for nye (dec 29 - jan 3 is the plan). yes you heard me! i'm being cliche! anyway i was checking flights last wk and they were $300 rt from SFO to JFK. ok, not bad. but i didnt purchase it bc we werent too sure yet.

yesterday my other fellow travelers gave me the thumbs up to booking it. so i went to look at the flights... and uh... it is now $500 rt?! wtf? i thought, maybe the price will change if i book it early or really really late. so i waited

coincidentally last night my parents asked me to go to vegas with them jan 2 - 4. just for the wknd. so i thought, ok, i'll fly from NY to vegas. it works out.

but virgin america doesnt have multi-city more than 3 ways. so i can go to sfo to jfk to vegas and that's it LOL i searched for it and they asked us to call in if i wanted more. so that's what i did.

apparently to fly to sfo to jfk to vegas to sfo... it's $400. GO FIGURE! (and to double check, i tried to book a rt flight from sfo to jfk while on the phone with virgin america... still $500 cheapest!)

haha! anyway i'm looking forward to it :) something to cross off my list: watch the ball drop on nye lol also, i'm crashing at martin's. how exciting! i havent seen that boy in over a yr!
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