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16 facts about me

so dancetygerdance tagged me with a very similar survey, but of fewer facts... and now that mandy has also tagged me on fb... i figured i should hop on it lol i've done one before a while ago.. so i will try not to repeat myself.

per usual, i wont tag anyone. if you wanna do it. go ahead. if not. then that's cool by me. i wont hold it against you lol

"Once you've been tagged, you have to write a note with sixteen random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose sixteen people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you." (Copy and paste this.)

1. i once woke up at 4 in the morning to keep a friend company. at the time, he lived in LA. he got a speeding ticket while driving up to SF. i dont remember the specifics... but bc of the location of where he got the ticket... and where he actually lived... they made him go to court in coalinga. it's pretty much in btwn LA and SF. he had to be in court at 7 am lol he called me and asked if i could keep him company. it was a fun adventure. we watched the sun rise, got lost, made fun of the small town. i slept in the car while he went to court. strictly platonic. lol

2. i dont like to travel alone. i have traveled alone to places before... yes. but only if there is someone on the other side to meet me. i would never travel by myself. i guess i'm chicken and dependent like that lol i also personally think it's better to have someone with you to share your experiences. so you have someone to go to when you wanna laugh about that one "you just had to be there" incident that happened on that one trip. also, two heads are better than one when getting lost lol

3. i love to dance. i'm no expert but i love to move my body. this is why i go to clubs even tho i dont drink or like to meet guys there. i go simply bc of the dancing :P

4. i hate being cold. i rather be hot than be cold. i know ppl say that it's better to be cold bc you can just put on layers and layers until you're warm... when you're hot, you cant do anything. and i completely agree. i do. but still. i hate being cold. i rather be in a position where i cant do anything about being hot, sweaty and uncomfortable... then be in the position where i'm cold even with layers and layers of clothing. my nose hurt. my ears hurt. i cant feel my toes or my fingers. even with layers of clothing, i may be warm but it still sucks bc i'm still shivering from it being cold!

5. i like my white guys hippie and my asian guys metro-dorky. dont ask why. it's just something i noticed about my taste in guys over the years. LOL!

6. i like to play with starchy pillow cases. i play with the corners. i'm not sure how this habit came about, but i do blame it on my cousin and her mom (my aunt). that particular aunt used to babysat me and i would play with that cousin all the time. i think i picked it up from them. :P

  7. when i sleep at home, i sleep with a stuff dog. one that i won at circus circus when i was like 10 lol (see photo) actually, when i won, they handed me a doll. but i saw this dog (actually there were a lot of them, i remembered)... and i asked to trade instead. it's been with me since! i named him "doggie"... i know, i wasnt very creative lol

8. i have a number of celebrity crushes. well, yeah, most of you guys know this. but what you DONT know is that each of them get a diff title. the title never repeats. i only have one "bf" and one love of my life. some ppl have like 10 celebrity bfs. i only have one. i'm loyal like that LOL

9. i am not good at playing sports that involve a ball and/or requires teammates. baskeball. baseball. football. volleyball. soccer. tennis. hockey. lol i am aware that that's almost all of it lol

10. i dont like being in the sun but i like to do outdoor activities. snowboarding. hiking. swimming. biking. i plan to climb when i am ready!

11. i am glued to my phone. so much that one time, a friend called me to make sure i was ok bc i didnt respond to a text she send lol! or maybe she was just being needy. jk ;)

12. i knock on the door of the hotel room i'm staying at before i go in, no matter if there's anyone inside or not. it's something i picked up from my dad. he believes (and i agree) that ghosts live in hotel rooms. when you knock, it's to let them know that you're coming in and they should find somewhere else to rest for now. lol

13. i'm better in k.i.t. with by text and/or gtalk. if you call me, i will talk on the phone but i rarely call ppl to talk. emails are cool but i tend to drop the ball on that often too :/ ppl that i talk to on a regular basis are usually by text or gtalk lol so. text me :)

14. my goal is to watch all cirque du soleil shows that are out while i'm alive. i say it this way bc there is always a new one every year! i will never be able to watch them all haha so far i've see 0, zumanity, kooza, ka, corteo. there's definitely one i will never see tho, and that's beLIEve. i hate criss angel and it's got so-horrible-you-need-to-walk-out-and-demand-a-refund reviews.

15. when i like a song, i listen to it over and over and over again until i get another song of the moment or get tired of it. usually i get another song i like to replace it :P

16. i drive pretty crazily. but safe. someone labeled it as "controlled" lol. yes i am that annoying little car that zip in btwn cars and lanes. i'm also the one kicking your ass in parallel parking lol :X i am pretty proud of my parallel parking skillz (but only with my car). i've fit into spaces that even surprised myself LOL
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