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dreaming about dreams

last night i had a dream where i was talking to fred and shawn. fred was quitting and shawn was taking over the tour manager position. i said to them both, "that means the assistant tour manager is open. you know... if you need someone to fill the spot, i can do it" LOL! and they seemed opened to it too. i remember shawn going, "that's not a bad idea" and fred going, "are you sure you wanna do that?" LOL

well, uh, yeah, DUH! i would text them and tell them that they were in my dreams. but that would just be weird. LOL

i hope my semi-psychicness is working now and it comes true! hahaha whoo! bc that would be AWESOME! my dream job

except... altho they all treat me very well... i dunno how they would feel if i worked on their team. would it be too close for comfort? granted, one time while i was backstage, shawn did tell me that it was nice to see me on the other side (as a staff as opposed to a fan). he's such a sweetie.
Tags: dreams, music

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