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hahaha so FA have been out for over two decades. we've done a lot of fan clubs since. a lot. and we used to have our fan mail send to a p.o. box. now we dont have them send fan mail to the p.o. box anymore but it is still open and we still get mail from it once a wk. today my boss was going through our p.o. box mail and... it's quite funny.

he's like, "i always wonder if these ppl just came out of a coma..." and he pretend to be one of them, "hi i just woke up from a coma and i would like to join the scorpions' fan club" lol and i'm like "we did the scorpions fan club?" (there's always an artist we used to do that i'm surprised to hear: sheryl crow. megadeth. WASP. and i never really noticed we did them until we get fan mail lol). "yes, eliza. a long long time ago. prob before you were born" LOL
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