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happy belated heart day!

i was supposed to be up in nevada city right now but it was storming and we decided it's best if we didnt lol i doubt my little fit could handle that, with chains or snow tires. haha

but a part of me is glad bc my new favorite friend was having a pre-halloween/valentine's/bday party on vday LOL so j and i dressed up in costume and went to her party. he was a wizard and i was a sorcerer. lol!

anyway, it was great. the group of us went out to dinner. some of us got ridicule by some kids while we were walking to the restaurant. but what do they know?! they are so immature LOL

i always say this. it's not about what you do, but who you do it with ♥ hope you had a good one and a good wknd!
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