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i hate procastination

really i do. i never learn, man. i've been in school for how long?? yeah that's how long i've been procastinating with my work. always last min. i never learn hahaha and here i am updating... when i should be ... doing something more productive. OH WELLS. it's just sleep. who needs sleep LOL

on another note, things have been good. i mean even the sun came out. yay. i hate the cold... esp. when i lost my fricking jacket!! did i leave it with you? if i did, please tell me. it's black, old navy and with a hoodie. arggh i dunno where i left it. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! i mean... dude... it's a big jacket. i think it's time for more shopping... after my trip

ahahahah ladies, one more week!!! WHoOoOoOoO! who would've guessed it would come so sooooooon?!?! it's like slow and fast at the same time. WHOO. i'm excited. WATCH OUT FOR US!! bwhahahah

so yeah, i'm hungry, i should get something to eat... but let me just say happy birthday to JOHN and belated birthday to KEVIN. and i know kevin likes to be mentioned so i'll talk about kevin first. hehe sorry john. (yeah for all you ppl that dunno, kevin likes to see kevin's name on ppl's journals) anyways, saturday was kevin's birthday and we all went to the spagetti factory. i gotta tell you man, that place looks haunted. scary hehe

but before we went to dinner, i met up with my husband, and he and i met up with our daughter and her husband, our son-in-law. we went to go watch "love actually" which actually is a really good movie. i think it's even better watching it with brian because he kept laughing at that AV scene. I mean yeah that scene was funny, but having him comment and laugh at it made it funnier. and he kept tripping over that budwiser scene too hahahah that movie was indeed good. i think i'm gonna go get the dvd

-afterwards, we met up with kevin and all kevin's gang. and had dinner. i hope kevin liked my gift ;D took a lot of thought into it hehehehe the spagetti factory food is ok. but the fact of having dinner with everyone was good. the whole family hahaha

-i especially like the part where we reacted "phonebooth" hahah i couldnt stop laughing. too much laughing going on that night. my face muscles actually started to hurt. hehe der, i didnt think denys would get in it so easily LOL i guess because he didnt see us do it to brian hahahahah

-after dinner we went to this hotel suite and rented a room. all of us. the suite was actually very nice inside. you wouldn't have noticed just from looking from the outside. kevin was a little shaky about doing it but in the end did it anyways.

-so my night in the hotel consisted of the closet. clothings taken off. heh. threesome. foursome. TorD. pictures. card games. TV. yeah... drinking. hah. and ended the night with me falling asleep in the car on the way home. thanks carlos btw!

for john, couldnt make it to his party. SORRY! but yeah i dunno why my coworker just wouldnt switch with me ever anymore. maybe i just want the weirdest days that she wants also? oh wells. it kinda sucks. but john and i talked a little in the end of the day on the phone. so i hope that sorta made up for it hahah and i'm happy you like the gift! whoo, who would've guessed huh =P and NO no hints. PSH. LOL

i'm happy, it's sunny
(i think i should start making more icons... when i have time
i need a happy icon and a moslz icon... which i'm sure i'll get soon heheh)
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