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happy things

these are the following things that happened today that made me happy (in no particular order):

- buying organic cereal + lovely toppings for it
- getting new tires and wipers for my car
- silent wipers
(these three points were the reason why i wanted to post, but the more i write, the more i add to the list! haha)
- soy jerky
- vegetarian vietnamese sandwiches
- fresh sugar cane drink
- calamari salad
- seafood salad
- wakame udon
- tobiko
- silly j
- good yoga class
- funny dad's class

yes, i'm easily pleased. ah, you noticed, food makes me happy lol! well, what can i say! today was a good day lol

P.S. i'm giving up red meat for lent. i'm not catholic anymore but i like to participate in lent. just bc i like the challenge lol
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