hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

WHY? why does City College get VALENTINE'S DAY OFF?!!?!?! and then gets president day off the following monday? that's a four day weekend there! well i understand why they get president day off... i mean... that makes sense... but valentine's day?!?! i mean... whaa?!?! lol i wonder if they get st. patrick's day off or maybe even april's fool heheheheh!! that would be sooo funny!

i cannot believe that they are getting valentine's day off. i cannot believe it!! it's unbelievable!! lol i mean, what's wrong with city? heck! what's wrong with state!? LOL we dont get president's day off =( BUT we do get cesar chavez day off. i dont even know who that person is! lol but i still dont mind getting a day off for him.... i just wonder why we dont get president's day off but we do get cesar chavez day off hehehe... he must be more important that the presidents! hehe

GODDAMN, why do city get valentine's day off?!?! LOL
i'm still in shock.

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