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i decided to write a little something about watchmen. (this is for you, eddy! lol) i saw it last wknd (opening wknd) and ... i dont really know how i feel about it. actually, it's so funny. right afterwards, i was on the phone with bert and he asked me, "so what do you think of it? do you recommend it?" and i couldnt say LOL

i really do not know how i feel about the movie.

on one hand, i like the story. the characters: good and bad. how it's overall filmed and put together.

on the other hand, it's soooo graphic... in all ways possible!! SOOO graphic that this ONE con weights about the same as the pros i mentioned lol seriously. is this rated NC-17? lol is it really necessary to show that much for that long? lol i mean it's no porn but the sex scenes are quite similar to a rated NC-17 movie... but more sexy? lol and if you're wondering... yes i saw an NC-17 movie once.

and all that blood and violence. if i have to describe it, i would reference kill bill... but more gruesome. which is understandable since it's based on a comic book (just as how kill bill was sorta based on animes). and also, they dont just show the typical gruesome things. there were some that were just uncalled for lol but i'm assuming they are just being true to the comic book. (eddy? yes?) it's just hard to watch lol

so i guess if i had to pick, i would say to go watch it once. but be forewarned! a family (parents with a boy) walked out of the movie theater i was in! it was right after a gruesome scene (that i covered my eyes for) that came after the long sex scene lol

for the ppl who did see it, what do you think? like? dislike?
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