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time to shape up

i got a bill from my doctor's for $25. i look at the bill and i'm just not sure why. it was unclear. so i called the number on the bill to ask.

the lady on the phone was completely clueless. she goes ahead and tells me the following things (in no particular order):
- my copay is $25 when it's $35
- i own $15 when i owe $25
- i didnt pay my last copay, when i know i did

her "you paid your copay for your dec visit but not for your jan visit"
me "i did pay for jan, i remember paying $10"
her "do you have a receipt? it says here that you didnt"
me "on my bill it says i did! look. dec 31 09 patient co- credit $35"
her "yeah"
me "jan 30, 09 patient co- credit $10. it's the same description"
her "oh yeah! you did pay! i see it now"

just imagine the whole conversation being that way. and there are other stuff here and there that i dont recall.

eventually i realized myself that the receptionist must've under charged me for my copay when i was there. it's $35 but she only asked for $10. when i was there, i thought it was sorta weird too. but i thought maybe, just maybe it's cheaper copay bc i visited the doctor recently?? i mean she's the one asking for $10, she saw my insurance card, she should know what she's doing. nope...

anyway when all is done. i said to her "next time, you should really make sure you know what you are saying before you say it. bc when you make mistakes like that, it makes you look bad" her "well it's hard. i have two screens" (or something like that) me "stop making excuses. it's your job. have a good day. bye" and i hung up. she prob just thought i'm some bitch and heard nothing i said. oh well.

i wish i stayed a little longer so i could tell her "you have to shape up. with the economy so bad these days, everyone is looking for a job. if you're not doing your job correctly, you can be replaced easily by someone quicker, smarter and cheaper than you" maybe if i added that, she would've heard me.

i think my tone may have been harsh to her, but i was actually being nice lol at least i gave a damn and warned her. hm. was i being harsh?
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