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equinox III

jesse will be in sf next monday! he's here to help a fundraiser for a company that his sister works for. the party is called equinox. yep, his sister lives in sf!

anyway, of course, i wanna go. but the tickets are $100/person. and i'm like "dude, cant afford that" but still thought about it. eventually i was talking to a coworker about it and she said "just ask management. maybe they can put you on the list" so i asked but since it's a private thing that has nothing to do with the tour, management knew nothing about it haha! but they did give jesse's sister my email and we talked. now i'm volunteering for it! YES, I AM SEEING HIM FOR FREE!

and the best part? he's karaoking LOL SO FUNNY! you can sign up to sing with him! i just might do it. and if i do, i already picked the song. "cruisin" haha but the gwyneth paltrow version. LOL i am listening to this song on repeat until i got it down!

but to be honest, i'll just be happy to see him. period. singing is just a big added bonus. it's not often that one get to see him sing solo!

also, i got him a little gift since his bday is the wk after. it's a scarf. i saw it and immediately thought of him. i showed m5 heather and she's like "that is so him" lol i really think he'll like it! it's handmade in laos from a fair trade company :)
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