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jesse is love

seriously. he is amazing. (disclaimer: the fan girl in me wrote this entry lol)

tonight, when i saw him, he was with a group of ppl, so i didnt wanna intrude. but he saw me and waved at me. and right before someone approached him (i think it was his sister), he interrupted her and signal to me that he's going over there to say hi.

he then came up TO ME!! awww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he asked me how are things in "san fran" HAHA such tourist ;P and when i gave him the gift he thanked me for the gift, said it was thoughtful. and when he opened it, he wore it right away. he didnt have to but that so sweet of him!! gah!!!

then, his sister came over and he introduced us... and he had to go, which is understandable. i've been working for them for so long that i almost forgot to ask for a pic! HAHA i was keeping my professional composure! but thank GOD i remembered! :D

later that night, i was standing around while my coworker talked to his friend and jesse passed us from the distance. he waved at me, winked and lifted the scarf. SQUEE!!

when it was karaoke time, he didnt really sing like i thought he would. he played the keyboards and sang back up. boo! but it's ok lol and they didnt really just had it open mic, they set it up so ppl who planned the event went up to sing.

at the end of karaoke, they played "sunday morning" and asked all the ladies that know m5 songs to come up. i was like "oh no way" but he looked at me and signaled me to come up! so i did. i stood next to him the whole time. haha it was amazing. btw, he wore the scarf on stage!

at the end of the song, i said my thank you as i leave. he lifted both hands up to me and i put my hands on his hands. he held them, then as i left, he slowly let them go. to me, it seemed like eternally, but my coworker got a video of it (sorta, someone is blocking the view!! but you can see him lift his hands) and it was like 2 secs LOL also in the video, it looks like he shook my hands but i dont remember that LOL i guess i was too in awe.

this whole thing reminds me why i love him so. why i remained so loyal all these years. he never changed. he's so down-to-earth and nice. ♥ i'm so glad i went. it was great.
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