hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

equinox III photo booth pics

bob was at the equinox party monday. so i googled to see if any pics were up. i came across their photo booth pics lol they are so silly!

this is the funniest pic i've seen lol

i'm also kinda mad at myself bc my coworker and i saw the booth from the distance... but decided not to do it. now i'm regretting! bc jesse's all over those pics LOL so that must mean he was around there a lot! and yes, he is wearing my scarf in all of them! lol

besides tho, even if he wasnt around, i could tell that my coworker and i would've had so much fun with this booth (there were tons of props).

p.s. i'm super jealous of this one girl that is in a lot of photos with jesse. and they are both kinda all over each other lol i saw him talking to her that night and it looked friendly, no flirting lol and NOT his gf! altho i am not sure if he's still with the same girl. haha dont mind me, i'm just being silly. and of course, it doesnt matter. lol

edited: darn, i wished i saved more photos, the album was made private :(
Tags: :), music, photo

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