hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

ticket fees

operation aloha is having a show in may. tickets are $20. which i'm happy about bc i was expecting so much more. but of course after i clicked through everything, ticket ends up being $33.50

dude, i'm paying $13.50 for building facility fees (what the hell does that mean?), processing fees, convenience fee and just-bc-ticketmaster-can fee.

seriously, why do they do that? why dont they just tell me the price total so i wont be surprised at the end. if from the beginning they told me that one ticket is $35 with fees included, i would be like "oh ok." but to think that it's $20 then have them tap on so much fees just makes me feel ripped off!


but on a happier note, oslz road trip! WHOO HOO! :DDD
Tags: music

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