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what would you do?

a friend msged me today and asked me a question. he asked me, "yes or no: would you break a finger of yours for a million dollars?" (he might blog about it too, so if you have him as a friend, you know who i'm talking about)

what's your answer?

without hesitating, i said yes. he was disappointed in my answer. he said that he would never deliberately break his finger for a million dollars... nor a billion or a trillion. bc he doesnt know if it'll ever heal properly. he personally doesnt think it's worth any value to take that risk.

i can see his side, but i dont think it's fair to be disappointed in me bc i said yes. he said it's bc we view a million dollars differently and/or the value of our fingers. i agree with him. prob both.

the reason why i would do it is bc for one) breaking a finger is quite common. i dont find it a big deal. it happens all the time to everyone on a regular basis. ppl get it playing football, basketball, etc. and it heals. yes it's not guaranteed that it'll heal properly but, dude, it heals. i've cut my finger before, gotten 5 stitches on it and i was able to function without it for wks. one broken finger wont affect my life style. (i mean if it was cutting off a finger or cutting off my leg, i would say no lol)

but also bc, most importantly, when i think about having a million dollars, i think about paying off my car, helping my parents, etc. a million dollars can ease off some problems for me. and esp. in times like these, it's good to get that much money for such a small price to pay. money isnt everything, but without it, there's a lot you cant do.

what do you think? am i being realistic here or do i put money on a too high of a pedestal (and my finger on a low one)?

p.s. it depends on the finger too haha i would give up my 4th finger (ring finger). DEFINITELY NO on the thumb.
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