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to adopt?

so i know i'm totally jumping the gun here... and no wise jokes about when you're getting the invitation! but recently conversation has came up for me about adopting. no. not with me and j! but with me and other friends about their friends. recently i've been hearing stories about ppl adopting. and i'm not sure if it's bc it became more popular recently to adopt or it's always been the same but i'm at an age where ppl are adopting now... either way. it's got me thinking.

maybe when i'm married and stuff, i should adopt. the other day my friend was telling me that the population has doubled, tripled, some big number since the 90s. i said "well that's bc ppl are living longer now, diseases that are killing ppl before we've found cures for, etc". and another friend in the convo said, "why not just adopt then?"

and i thought, yeah, why not? there are tons of orphans out there that need a home. i'm almost certain that if i were to adopt, i would love him/her as my own. so why not? i can skip the 9 mo process. the "morning" sickness. the cravings. the weight gain. etc etc. and most importantly, some lovely kid, who deserved to be loved, will have a home.

so even tho the process to adopt a kid is a lot of work, i think down the line, it seems to have more pro to adopt a kid. but i'm still sitting here thinking i want to give birth to a kid. it's kinda weird.

i guess i want to go through the whole process of feeling him/her kick me. the feeling i get the first time i lay eyes on him/her and the first time holding him/her....

well, as i said, i'm totally jumping the gun. let's take it one step at a time hahaha not to mention, it's totally two ppl's decision, not mine lol unless i never get married :X
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