hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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ipod playlist lost

the computer that i sync my iphone with was infected with viruses. luckily frank helped me cleaned and backed up things that i need. he wiped it new and start it over again. yay! thanks!

i asked him to back up my itunes playlist (along with other things) but i guess since i dl the newest itunes i lost my list? :( so now i gotta start over. it's giving me a headache bc i'm so anal about my list. i make sure it's named properly with the album name and cover. so when i'm listening to music, i see the album art. all that is gone... that was a lot of work... sigh.

and i'm just too lazy to redo it at the moment

(i also hope that frank may be able to help me out here as he has saved a copy of my back up lol HELP FRANK! thanks)

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