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memorial day wknd

memorial day wknd was a blast. i'll post it up here for me to look back on. to start off, i got friday off. so i had a four day wknd!

thurs night
molly and i did last min shopping for our costumes. we then went to olive garden for dinner. that place may not be the greatest, but we like it there. it's sorta like the place we like to go for our sister dinners haha

ken called me after dinner to see if i wanna have dinner with him and an old friend that i havent seen in over half a decade. since i already ate, we met up for dessert instead. it was nice to catch up. afterward we went bowling and played 4 games. it is unfortunate that i did not have my shoes :/ but thank god for working out often bc i didnt feel it at all haha i remember i used to feel it in my arms. i give rock climbing the credit lol

i had lunch with frank. it was nice hanging out with him before he went to japan. afterwards, went furniture shopping with jen for her new place. furniture shopping is always fun lol one particular item she wanted was available in walnut creek so we head over there. since i was there already, i stopped by jonathan's work to say hi. another old friend i havent seen in a while :) furniture shopping took way longer than expected lol

that night i head over back to the city to meet up with calvin and greg for some drinks. we went to bourbon and branch, which i've been wanting to go. it's a speakeasy place. it was 1920's theme and had hidden doors to private rooms. very cool lol even tho i was not much of a drinker, i liked their unique drink selections. also the servers were very nice!

was fanime! my sister and her friends had a kuroshitsuji meet. afterward, they had a tea party. it was a lot of fun taking pics hahahaha bc their characters are so funny. we had this camera man following us around. it's too bad we didnt get his card!

then not long after, there was the masquerade. it was especially better this year than last. oh crap, I LOST THE GAME! (HAHAHAHA) a lot of the skits were fun and funny.

this was one of the best ones

again, was fanime! hehe we had a macross frontier meet. it's so fun to watch everyone dance to nyan nyan lol

in the evening, we had a black and white ball. met a new gal who was outgoing and cool there. she had this brilliant idea that we should all do a particular michael jackson triller move (teh beginning) and see how many ppl would follow us. we got HALF the dance floor to do it! it was so funny!! what a sight!

molly and her posse said they had more fun at the black and white ball than at their prom haha!

last day of fanime, they close at 2pm. so we were just there for last min purchases. after that we head over to bert's place for his memorial day bbq. always good to see the south bayers again! regina brought over rock band so for most of the night, we were just focused on that haha

it's funny bc my sister and windy was in costume. so everyone was a little confused haha food was great. as always

i had so much fun that wknd. i think it just makes me happy to be able to see so many friends. then to see molly, violet, windy and karoline so happy at fanime. i feel like i really am the older sister of them all. and it makes me happy to see them happy.

this wknd is another fun jam packed one! i'm sure i'll have more fun! whoo hoo!
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