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music ex?

wow i'm horrible.

a few years ago i followed a local band around called kingstreet. a friend of mine posted on her status that she's listening to them. and i commented on it. then this guy said "never heard of them." the dude had a pic of him on stage with a guitar. without recognizing his name, i asked him "are you in a band? what is the band called?" simply bc i really am curious... altho i realized afterward that i could've indirectly said to him "i never heard of you either" altho that was not my intention.

he responded with "i'm still with heathrow" and that's when it hit me. heathrow. "awww crap, I KNOW THIS GUY" LOL when kingstreet was still together, their guitarist left them and they had a replacement. this guy was the replacement lol. he wasnt with them long tho as not long after they broke up. i cannot believe it. i totally forgot about him. (not to mention the photo of him on his default wasnt clear). i remember the guy he replaced tho.

luckily, what i said worked out. it was like i was curious to how he's doing lol

i suck lol
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