hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

10 yrs later

a high school classmate added me on fb a few wks back. we never hung out. ever. but i did have a few classes with her and maybe she's just one of those ppl that adds everyone she knows. it's all good.

recently she uploaded pics from hs. so i'm going through them. naturally i recognize ppl. mainly ppl i know of or had classes with but none i hung out outside of hs. we do travel in diff circles after all.

it's pretty cool bc a lot of them are on fb so i'm checking out their fbs, seeing how they are, how they look now... and boy! have some of them changed! i barely recognized!

i just think it's interesting how some ppl could change so much (in terms of looks) over the years and how some remain the same. like me for example hahaha and the girl who added me. actually, a lot of my asian friends look the same as they did in hs. it's good to be asian :P

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