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today as i was in my mom's car... we passed this side of the street... and it was a pole with flowers tied to it... and you know... pictures... stuff like that... someone must've gotten into a car accident there. anyways, as we passed it, my mom said, "this guy must've been someone. everytime i passed here, there is always someone here visiting. either it be night or day."
me "yes he must've been really young, just by looking at his friends."
her "too bad he hung around freinds who werent that good"
me "yeah you can tell by looking at them they're a bit naughty" (damn i'm stereotypical hehe)
her "you know, life is...."
my sister "sad?"
me "fragile?"
her "...unpredictable. so you better appreciate what you have"

and when we passed by it again... the sun has already set... there were candles there... and ppl, of course.
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