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hello from oklahoma! i'm here for a wk for two concerts. whoo!

so i was telling my coworker the service is just great here! everyone's so nice! the front desk, the hotel rep, the waiters, etc. and then he pointed out something to me and i realized... wow. he is so right. he said that it's how it's supposed to be. we are supposed to be greeted with great service. it's just we've always been given bad service, so we're used to it!

why? bc ppl take in bad service and dont do anything about it. so it has become acceptable unless they are SUPER DUPER horrible. i say, heck, if we're not being treated the way we deserve we should voice our opinion to higher authority.

i'm normally not a complainer and i dont like to give ppl a hard time but i think in terms of service, i should start saying something and not just take in bad service! and i dont mean like i ask for something and they cannot help me. but like they arent doing what they are paid to do and/or give us attitude while doing it!

we should set the standard straight!
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