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so i've been looking for a 16 gig memory stick for my new camera. on ebay someone listed "AAA 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark2 16 GB Card For PSP". huh. what does AAA mean? the guy is selling a bunch of these memory sticks and they all have "AAA" in the description. out of everyone, he is selling them for the cheapest. so per frank's suggestion, i emailed the guy and i asked "what do you mean when you put "AAA"?"

the guy responded with "yes" .......... LOL huh? his email is all in chinese and with a double check, i realized that he's from china. ok, no biggie.. so i elaborated it a little "i dont understand. i am wondering when you put "AAA" on your subject line, what does AAA stand for?"
he responded with "Hello. This is: "AAA" means that upper exemption product, understand it? Thanks"

at this point i'm left pretty speechless and figured to not buy it from the dude lol also after telling frank this, he told me i should never buy electronics on ebay from hk or china anyway. we joked around how i should respond with something totally random like what he did with me when he said "yes". so i said to him, "license" you know, just being random... and he responded with " :| yes" LOL wtf.
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