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to lock or not to lock?

so this year i decided to pw lock my iphone for a couple of reasons. 1. if it gets stolen or lost, no one can use it to it's full advantage! (altho i am not sure if they can erase everything without the pw?) and 2. even tho i got nothing to hide, i like to know when ppl are using my phone.

but recently i had a convo with mandy and she said that there's a downside to this. her friend lost his phone the other day but was found by a good samaritan that called "home." i actually did that before (found a phone and called to see if anyone can pick it up). so if you're lucky, it can travel back to you. and also, if, god forbid, anything were to happen to me, EMT can call my family members while i'm unconscious. how would they know who to call? simple, under my mom's name i put "I.C.E." which stands for in case of an emergency. i did this before i pw locked my phone. now she's still I.C.E. but it doesnt matter LOL

so what's your take on it? to lock or not to lock?
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