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hopeless romantic

i am a hopeless romantic. i love watching romantic movies. but not just any romantic movies. i like watching tragic romanancs... love tragedy... you know what i'm talking about. like romeo and juliet. moulin rouge. titanic. it just makes me go "awww" and wish one day in my life i would be able to experience this love... except for the dying part of course haha i mean i think it totally sucks to find the love of your life and have the person die in your arms or something. but i love watching them. wtf right.

but anyways, i'm watching moulin rouge right now. it's so fun watching it because you can sing along with it. cool songs. good songs. and the best about dvd's? skipping to favorite parts hahaha

sigh it's so sad. sniff sniff
i think i'll watch romeo and juliet later haha

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