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wow! a day in customer service

so once in a blue moon, i get one of these calls.

(imagine old woman voice) "i've been a fan of (insert artist) for a long time, i would like to write her a letter, can i still send it to your PO Box address?"
me - no, that address is no longer valid, let me provide you with the current one, do you have a pen and paper ready?
her - how do you spell that?
me - .... i was just asking if you had a pen and paper ready.
her - oh! yes yes, i'm ready
me - okay it's 1234 abcde st
her - (repeats the address) okay
me - it is also in san francisco, ca
her - how do you spell also?
me - no no, i meant the location is in san francsico too
her - ohh! saint...
me - no, it's san francisco
her - oh how do you spell that?
me - (spells san francisco)
her - she repeats, f.r.a.n.c.i.s.
me - c.o.
her - okay, f.r.a.n.c.i.s.
me - .... c.o.
her - okay, f.r.a.n.c.i.s.
me - ............... c.o...
her - okay, and California is CA?
me - yes
her - let me repeat it. 1234 abcde st, san francisco CO, CA, 94103

Tags: funny, work

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