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someone up there likes me

i just noticed i labeled this icon "randon flying toaster" instead of "random flying toaster" lol!

anyway, gxcad was saying how blogs are dead now thanks to twitter and fb. i agree, ppl now a day wants instant and easy. and if it's just easier to update my friends one liners (or two) in real time, why would i need to update my blog? ahaha and what would i update about?

so.. with that said, i decide to update my blog.....and.... i will... update about.........

march 30: okay so i wrote the above last week... i didnt know what to write about and so i left it like that... lj saved it.. and now that i'm back to update something, it's here. haha so anyway, on word!

at the end of jan, i turned right on a red light and my picture was taken. the friend i was driving told me that the camera is a little funky and would take pictures for no reason. little did i know that a month later they send me a $400~ citation. for turning right at a red light without stopping. the picture shown on the citation (btw, i'm surprised how clear the pics are LOL) said that from point A to point B took me 1.5 sec. the side of me that didnt want to pay the ticket said that i could argue it. that i did stop, just not as long as "the law" wants me to. or i didnt know that i should stop for 3 secs, etc. but i recall in my memory that i made a complete stop.

i went in as stated on the citation a few weeks ago and they asked if i plead "guilty" or "not guily". i plead "not guilty" and was about to argue my side but they gave me a later date to go to court instead. s mentioned that with camera violations, you can view your violation online IN VIDEO! so i decided to do that. he said that if i didnt make a complete stop that i might as well not fight it and pay for the ticket. so that's what i did and load and behold! i did a rolling stop. crap, in my mind i remember stopping! so i called them and asked. they said that i can change my plead but if i want the fee reduction (bc i remember them reducing the fine if they plead "guilty"), i need to come in again.

so that's what i did today. i went in, waited in line to go into court again. but this time i planned to plead "guilty" and pay for my fine. i went to the window to get my number for court and the lady said "dismissed" "wait, what?" "your case is dismissed" "why??" "you didnt hear? we are having problems with their contract, so all tickets like these are dismissed"

DUDE, right now i feel SO lucky!

seriously, someone up there likes me. more often than not situations always work in my favor. just like this. i know it sounds like i'm boasting but i'm not. i just want to say thanks to whoever up there that likes me for not giving up on me yet and for always looking after me. really. i'm truly grateful. <3
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