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being connected =/= no life

i admit. i am completely and utterly attached to my phone. but mainly bc of the internet and texting. today as i was eating lunch, i was writing an email on my phone and my coworker walked by and said to me, "what did we used to do without phones?" and then proceed to imply that ppl who are so attached to the internet/their phones have no life, as he said to me "go out and meet new ppl!"

i resent that. i resent the fact that some ppl think just bc someone is attached to the internet and/or their phones that they have no life. i'm not saying that there arent ppl out there who are always online that don't get out. i'm just saying that those ppl dont get out with or without the internet. it is not the internet or the phone that is at fault, it is the person.

and so, just bc i am attached to my iphone/the internet, it does not mean i dont have a "life" or i don't have an active social life. on the contrary, it is bc of the internet and/or my iphone that i DO have an active social life. 99% of the planning i do is over the internet via email. and i get invited to things via email 99% of the time! if it wasnt for the internet (specifically fb), i wouldnt have been able to meet up with some of my HK friends, whom i havent met in over 10 yrs, when i went to visit HK a few years ago. let's be realistic here, phone numbers change and it's not easy keeping track of numbers you no longer use. and for friends who are in the area but our schedules dont match, we keep in touch via internet and texting.

so i contest. dont blame the internet for the lack of social life. blame the person.
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