hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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coincidence or fate?

over the wknd i spent my time mainly with s. with that said, i left my car at home as my bro didnt have a car temporarily and he needed it more than i did.

yesterday morning, i took the caltrain to work and didnt drive at all. today i just found out that my coworker's car's battery died last night. i thought that was really interesting!! why? bc the way our parking space is laid out is that one car blocks in the other. the person who comes into work first always park in the back and gets blocked by the 2nd person. and i almost always come in before her, so her car always blocks mine.

if i did drive monday, my car would be blocked in and i wouldnt be able to leave bc her car battery died! i would totally be stuck until AAA comes to get her a new battery and god knows how long that took! so i just thought, what are the odds? you know? it almost feels fixed.

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