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disclaimer: this is a rant post. yes again. sorry. lol

i am not sure what it is. but the older i get the less patience i have for some ppl.

let me elaborate:

example 1: litter bug

i stopped by starbucks on my way of dropping off a package per my boss's request. he wanted a sandwich and as i looked for said sandwich, i checked out their cheese plate that they offered. i then proceed on my way to the cashier and saw in front of the cashier was a few small tasters for their caramel mocha (btw yum) and fresh bananas.

walking out of starbucks, i saw a van parked outside. there were trash under the driver's side of the van. trash consisted of: (1) empty taster cup of those caramel mocha (straw included) and (1) banana peel w/half a banana still inside. at a glance, i saw a somewhat overweight older lady in the driver side, eating the cheese plate.

this could be of two things:
1. she bought a cheese plate, had the taster, ate the banana, and dumped the trash outside her car as she enjoys the cheese plate inside her car.
2. she went into starbucks, bought the cheese plate, saw the trash next to her car, ignored it and proceed to get into her car to enjoy cheese plate.

either way, it sickened me. bc not more than 5 ft in front of her car was a trash can, right btwn starbucks and car. yes it's a little bit out of the way, but COME ON! i turned around, picked up the trash and as she looked at me to see what i was doing, i dumped the trash in the trash can close to her car.

example 2: what's a raw egg?

the other day, i had lunch at pepper lunch in milpitas. they are famous for their sizzling platters. what attracted me was the fact their food was raw when it comes out. i love raw beef. i love me some raw egg on the raw beef. at least that's what the pics showed. rice + corn + raw beef and for $1 more, raw egg on the platter.

but before i ordered, i noticed at other tables that the food actually is half cooked already by the time it reaches you, thanks to the sizzling platter. so when i ordered my food, i asked the waiter, "can i have the raw beef and the raw egg on the side, please?" i like my beef SUPER raw and if they are half cooked by the time it reaches me, that's not super raw haha and i just want to dump the raw egg on the rice.

when my plate came, i got everything on the sizzling platter, but my rice. my rice was on the side. the egg was sunny side up, the beef was cooking.... ugh... okay... no big deal... i quickly moved the beef off the platter and well... the egg cannot be saved. and so i asked for another raw egg. 10 mins later, he handed me a fried egg. "oh no, sorry, i want a raw egg..." he was nice about it and took it back. five mins later, i get a raw egg cooking on a sizzling platter (again, about almost sunny side up)... "oh, i wanted a raw egg!" the guy, "OH OH, RAW egg! okay!" and FINALLY i got my raw egg... wtf?

example #3: idiot driver doing meaningless things

i was driving to work and got stopped bc there was an ambulance double parked in my lane. now i was pretty far back of the hold up but when i realized what happened, i cut over to the lane next to me and continued on my merry way... except i still need to cut over back into the same lane to make a turn. but just before i could do that, this VW bug behind the ambulance cuts over into my lane, right in front of me, then SLOWLY drives pass the ambulance. why? so he can stick his head and arms out the window to face the driver in the ambulance, to give him a "wtf are you double parked for" face. only to realized that there is no one in the ambulance.

okay, seriously, what an idiot. he just did ALL that for no reason. and really, what's the point? even if there was a driver, the ambulance was obviously double parked there to save someone's life. so you're gonna give him a hard time for that?

i dunno what it is. i could've sworn i was more patient when i was younger and not as easily irritated. have i gotten jaded? have i just met enough idiots in my lifetime that i realized that i do not want to tolerate them anymore? is there only so much patience i can use before i run out? have i gotten old and grouchy?!
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