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okay try to follow me here as my brain is blah right now.

adam levine posted this on twitter: What conscienceless piece of shit coined the term "environmental extremism"?

then in the next few lines, he replied to someone with this: The environmental issues we face should be approached with compassion, responsibility and yes, some skepticism... however... a cheap, fear based, combative, and politically polarizing word to this on going environmental struggle is highly irresponsible and only divides us more on an issue that should be uniting us. It doesn't matter what side you're on.

so i wondered what the dude said, of course. what fan wouldnt?? haha this is what i came across, it was in response to the first question, "someone who actually researched the facts, idiot."

and as i continue to look more into this, i noticed this guy responded to another person by saying this "nothing should ever be "hushed up." don't you believe in the first amendment?" i'm assuming a fan of adam's said something to him and he threw the first amendment in her face.

i hate it when ppl say rude/stupid things and then hide behind that amendment... but that's not the point. the point is that i decided to respond to him too haha why not jump on the band wagon? but before i did so, i noticed he has a website. so i checked it out to see what kind of guy like him would look like. oh, he's in a band? but the band is very very small. the kind that doesnt have their own website and uses myspace as their website. (and so unorganized, i still have no idea how the guy look like bc nothing is labeled and the only pic of him is covered by his name?!).

so i responded to him and said, "it's one thing to state your opinion and another thing to be disrespectful, esp. to someone like adam levine who is further along the career than you are. better to have a friend than foe."

he responded with "thanks for checking out my band." nice reply, i must say. but i replied with "sorry, i have no clue how you sound like. just wanted to see how a person like you would look like. but pics are not labeled" (truth!)

LOL i'm so cold. i mean what did he expect for disrespecting the lead singer of my fav band of 6 yrs? haha
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