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checking in: diet, new phone, s. random

oh wow i just noticed that i havent really talked about myself recently. so here's a little blurb about what's been going on with my life:

i am on a no snacking diet. if you know me at all, then you are prob laughing from the fact that i'm even trying haha but my biggest foe (no pun intended) is my arms. i really wanna get rid of this unnecessary fat!!! it was suggested to me that if i just laid off of snacking, i'll lose it. so i'm giving that try

oh, i got a new phone. it's the HTC aria. nothing fancy like the HTC evo everyone's been talking about (heck every time i tell someone i got a new HTC android phone, they all ask, "the 4g one?") but it does everything i need it to do and more. a few months ago i drowned my iphone 2g and then s broke it trying to fix it. haha i didnt wanna jump on the iphone 4 wagon and i'm ready to move on, so HELLLO ANDROID.

and last, but not least, i'm seeing someone "new". i know i know, again?! haha well, it's how life works, no?! :P anyway, it's been a few months now and i've mentioned him a few times in my blog (s). i really do think this time is different. besides the fact that he likes to do everything i like to do (but is better at it), we are also on very similar levels in terms of our emotions. so whenever there is an issue, we talk about it in a calm matter. lol emotions are in check and i can tell he hears my side and things get resolved. it feels good to be with someone who is on the same ground as you in terms of a relationship. ♥

and now for something totally random:
- i feel like i need a summer hat. to hide from the sun. something more stylish (more girly?) than a baseball cap.
- i still want a tattoo

alright, there's more but i wont overwhelm you! haha so ttfn



Jul. 8th, 2010 06:43 am (UTC)
oh yeah! let's do it!! i love desserts XD i'll definitely see if i can bring him along. he lives in mountain view so it's a little harder to plan with him to meet (esp if it's during the wk. but wknd is easier). we'll see!!!

oh good, you've sat on it for a while now. i definitely wanna come with you to get your tattoo! i think it'll be fun to watch! do you know exactly the design you want? so funny you are getting a phoenix bc i plan to get that too!!
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 8th, 2010 07:00 am (UTC)
haha we need to share stories to why we want a phoenix!

that chinese character morphing to a tiger sounds really cool! why did you change your idea? ah we should save that story for when we meet!

dont worry about sam. he likes driving up to the city. it really depends on his work load. if there's too much he may not be able to make it but wknds are better than weekdays. it's easier to know when the time comes.

hahah i dunno if you want the phoenix i want, it's girly! hahah i'm thinking of something very similar to this http://spitvenom.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/tattoo1.jpg (even the color) but change the tail a little. i plan to have molly change it al ittle bit for me (the tail). and it wont be big. it'll be like 2 - 3 inches on my inner arm.


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