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fan girl silliness

i came across her fb today. it was by accident. really. we have a few mutual friends, more hers than mine... but none the less, i saw how this mutual friend was tagged in a photo and then i realized, i am on her fb.

naturally, of course, like any fan girl, you would look through the photos. haha and luckily (or unluckily) for me, i came across a few photos of him. pics of him lying on something (bed?), most likely lying next to her. i mean, it's not even pics of them together but just pics that she took of him. i just find it so silly to feel my heart sink when i see these pics of him. i do not understand why i feel this way.

i mean, yes, i see and talk to him more than most fans ever would.... but in reality, we barely see each other and whenever we do, it's very professional or casual. he's never shown any interest in me, in fact i think for a while he was uncomfortable around me. haha there was never a thing or a fling, not even flirting. and no amount of obsessed fan girl in me would ever believe that we would ever get together. so why do i act like i have just come across my ex's current gf's fb? lol

i just think it's silly.
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