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no prob wave? tattoo

you know if someone ever lets me cut into their lane, i always always wave "thank you". it is the polite thing to do.

but i always wonder what the hell do i do when i let someone cut into my lane and they wave me "thank you". do you wave back like a "no problem!"? i mean i think it's the right thing to do. i feel it's kind of rude to ignore them, but waving back to tell them "no problem" makes me feel kind of stupid. trust me, i know haha

on another note, i dont want a tattoo anymore LOL last wknd s and i went to santa cruz beach boardwalk and there was a spray-on tattoo booth. s got me a phoenix looking spray-on tat. it looks hella cool and i put it exactly where i wanted a tattoo. i even thought about getting the exact design for my real tat! and even tho it wasnt normal tattoo colors (red, orange and yellow), i had a few ppl asking me if it's real. complimenting it. but as the days passed i realized that i am sometimes embarrassed about it. such as that time i was hanging around my parent's friends. even tho it's fake, i dont want them to see it, think it's real but say nothing. they might think i'm a bad kid and i have no way to defend myself! "NO~! it's fake!"

and that's when i realized i dont want a real tattoo. not on my arm at least LOL

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