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i'm mixed about mandatory tipping. i understand how a large party is a lot of work and that some ppl just dont tip or dont tip that much. but what i am mixed about is that after they forced the mandatory tip on me and my group of friends, i felt like i dont need to tip anymore... even if the server deserved more than what the mandatory tip was (usually they range from 15-18%). for dinner, i like to tip 20%. so you know, that server is missing out.

for example, the other day we were at cashe creek for dinner. well okay, not really. more like we were coming back from camping and cashe creek was sort of on the way hahah ANYWAY, we went to their buffet and bc we had a group of 9, they said that they have to charge us 12% for gratuity. i mean, dude, 12% is little. and our server was great. but i didnt even think twice to tip her more~! luckily i have a bf who are more aware of these things and he mentioned how he wanted to tip more. and so he did ♥

just a pointless entry.
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