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getting friends drunk is stupid

i never understand why some ppl think it's "having a good time" getting a friend super drunk. (and as a disclaimer, i have no problems with ppl drinking, it's ppl trying to get friends piss drunk). i dunno about you but when i over drink (usually accidentally bc i didnt know my limits), i feel like shit. throwing up is usually involved. if you've done it, you know that it's no fun. never blacked out but have known ppl to black out when they were super drunk. and who ends up taking care of them? their friends.

so i never understand why ppl try to get the bday person drunk to that extend. dont mean to sound like a prune but this is the truth, it's no good for your body. you say it's "fun" but honestly it's prob fun for you to see them drunk but not fun for them when they black out and is puking on the streets. and it's definitely no fun for the friends who take care of them. and just so you know, when you're out, it's dead weight and it's 10x harder to carry you.

but the point of the entry is HOW did this come about anyway? i remember back in my early 20s, whenever it's someone's bday and they're going clubbing, automatically there's always a handful of ppl who AIM to get the bday person drunk. I DO NOT KNOW WHY they do it and I DUNNO HOW it got started. i just think it's stupid. there are other ways to have fun! and if all you know how to have fun is to get drunk, then you need to get a life. okay, i admit altho i dont agree with it that it is somewhat acceptable to be this way in your early 20s, but when you're this way in your late 20s, REACHING 30, it's pathetic.

that's all i have to say.

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