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paypal difficulties

i lost my camera. i went looking around for it but i'm convinced that it's gone.

so a few days ago i decided to buy a used one on ebay. same model. i saw a buy it now one that is a good price and in mint condition. so i bought it via paypal. what's cool is that the seller lives in sj and he offered an option where i can pick it up to save on shipping ($16). so that's what i did. after i paid him, i emailed him when he's available to pick up. i also mentioned how my bf lives in the area so he could pick it up for me too. but the seller told me that he would only allow the person who bought it to pick it up. that's fine, he's being safe, cool. but the unfortunate thing is that when i signed up for paypal, i was young and stupid. i actually didnt know what paypal is really used for at the time and so i signed up with a nickname, elle, instead of my real name.

it is actually quite a hassle to change my name and it was never a problem for me in terms of paying so i never bothered changing it. i told the seller that the name on the account is elle instead of eliza (same last name) and asked if that would be a problem. in the next email he tells me he refunded me and told me to change my name on paypal and then pay him again.

wtf? it takes 2-3 days for paypal to GET BACK to me about changing my name (still havent heard from them). not to mention i am emailing him on the email address associated with my paypal account! what more verification does he need? elle is not that much off from eliza! whatever, what's done is done. again he's just being safe. but WHATEVS! what really piss me off is that if i didnt ask to pick it up he would've just sent it to me to the address i have on file, which is unconfirmed under the name elle WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

so i changed my name and i told him to hold the camera until then. at the same time my bf got a good idea to just have him pay the seller with HIS paypal account and so he can pick it up. seller agrees to it. but get this right, during the process of trying to figure out when they are both free to meet up, the seller decided to just ship it instead to save the trouble and time. he'll ship it for half the price ($8). so i paid him with my paypal account (still under the name elle) and he just ship it to me this morning.

all that for nothing. sigh.

p.s. and to add, into the phrase "all that for nothing" i found my camera in the laundry basket LOL


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Oct. 16th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC)
Don't you think its kinda sad that our LJ community is dying? You are literally the only person that posts on LJ anymore out of ppl that I follow (one more exception...) but still.
Oct. 18th, 2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
i dunno if i'm necessarily sad about it. i just blog bc i want to and for me to look back on. not necessarily bc someone is reading it. so it doesnt matter to me that no one else uses it haha
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