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Steve inspired me to start a picture diary for the year 2011. A picture or two (or more) a day on one thing I did that day. Then a little caption for it. He did that and published it. Yes in a book. Each photo had little captions. It inspired me to do the same but on lower budgets. haha A much lower budget(as in free) lol So I have picked tumblr for this project. I choose tumblr bc not only bc it's free but bc I can also password protect the blog, since I will post pics of my friends. So msg me for the link and password.

I installed an app on my phone so I can blog on the go. Not to mention, I can switch my memory card from my phone to my camera and vice versa. So I can use my digi cam quality and then blog on my phone ANYWHERE ANYTIME! Convenient right? Hopefully bc it's so convenient, I would make finishing this project easier.

We will see how this will pan out.

2011, here we go!

P.S. if you're wondering, i used my sister's camera, which is the same model, to take the pic of my camera. i should've took a pic of hers instead LOL mine is so beat up

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