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oh. my. god. last week or so i rearranged my room so i had a lot of clothes, bags, toys, misc things that i realize i dont need. my mom asked me to donate it to goodwill. so last week, i did that. i went to the goodwill in jtown and rang the intercom on the backdoor, that's where you donate the clothes. i told the lady over the intercom that i have things to donate. she came out and asked me what i was donating. i told her some clothes, bags and misc things. she told me that they "dont need those things". i found that surprising but whatever... i asked her if she could discard them for me. she asked me to put it next to the door and she'll do it.

yesterday i had lunch plans with a few friends in jtown. it was very close to goodwill. i parked across the street from goodwill and noticed there is another goodwill in front of where i parked. i remember thinking "oh, they opened another one here?" then i looked over to where i thought goodwill is... only to realized that the restaurant i'm meeting my friends at is where goodwill used to be. basically i tried to donate clothes, bags and misc things to a restaurant! the front door was out of the way for me from where i was coming from so i didnt catch it at all!!

i was SO embarrassed! then to make matters worse, the host that seated us was the lady i spoke to! D:

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