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hello hello. i know i havent been updating here often but i feel like i should at least update this once in a blue moon. if you're reading this still, say "hi" so i know someone is out there haha also, i know i have been slacking on my daily blog on tumblr (almost a year behind!). that will pick up soon! i promise! so check it!

anyway, i had a point to this post haha today on fb someone uploaded an album called "the big wedding adventure." there are pics of her in a wedding dress and random pics of what seems like wedding planning things. normally, you would assume she's getting married and would congratulate her... but no... not for me... as a cosplayer (which we both are), it may not be the case. and since all the caption is in a language i cant read, i cant really tell if she really is getting married or if she's getting a costume ready hahahahaha

oh my life is so funny sometimes. what seems to be obvious in someone else's world may not be the case in my world. no big deal though, we've only really met once and she lives out of the country. but just thought i'll share this thought process with you.
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