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i'm starting to believe that there's no such thing as coincidences. i believe that everything happens for a reason and life as you have it tends to fall into place in the end. it's like watching a movie and you arent really sure what's going on while watching it but once you've reached the ending, everything ties together and it makes sense. yeah, i think life is a little bit like that.

a few weeks ago i was supposed to go to NY... however, as you know, 'Sandy' hit and even if my plane were to leave on time, there's really no point for me to be there as the subways were flooded/not working and half the city is without power. so i called my airline to cancel. my trip included a trip to NY for about a week and then from NY i fly to chicago for work for the wknd. so when i called the airline to cancelled there was a mix up and all my flights were cancelled. even the one from chicago to SF (which was unnecessary). i had to rebook another flight on another time as the one that i was originally on is no longer available.

anyway, that's the back story. why do i bring it up, you might ask? it's bc once i got on the plane, this older gentleman sat next to me. i am next to the window seat and so he had the middle seat. i am not sure what made him feel like sitting there, but he did it. immediately he started a conversation with me. no, it's not what you think. he doesnt come off sleazy or having any ulterior motive, he just seemed like a cool, out going and friendly middle aged man who likes to talk. and it would not surprise me one bit if he does this on every flight he's on. when the guy next to him over heard our conversation he jumped in on our convo too. i dozed off when that happened but in our 4-5 hrs of flight, i've learned a lot about him. he's a musician who composes music for some tv shows. he also does promotions for art galleries. he lived in SF for a few years but is now located in LA. he made it clear that LA is home and he loved it a lot. he then told me that he actually wasnt supposed to be on this flight (it was the day before) but he stayed an extra day and his wife did an amazing break down act that got him on the current flight without having to pay $400 extra hahaha

it was fun. and i felt that given the circumstances and how we're both not supposed to be on this flight... that we've met for a reason. so we've exchanged info and he emailed me the next day saying, "hi". he just told me he's planning an art event in SF. i am not sure what life has in store for me in regards to him. i am not sure what he will bring to my life. maybe i'll meet someone at his party. maybe he will introduce me to another job. or who knows? maybe it'll be as simple as that i'll take away something from his personality that would change my personality. the possibilities are endless and i'm excited to see what life has in store for me
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