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so, i lost my voice. fricking... it kinda hurts to talk hahaha but yeah. it's worth it. first off, i wanna tell o that we got a lot of flavored water and a big bag of chips in her car... that would be nice for SO. the trip was good. here are a few things i would like to remember if ever looking back on it. good and bad.

monday. sf. fillmore. 11.24.2003
-540 am
-borders gave us stools
-acoustic live
-figuring out what moslz meant
-them liking our gifts
-jesse got the couties
-rickey gave me adam picks!
-tio? t.o.?
--"when it's cold outside... and you got nobody to love..."
-cool SIN shirts
-meeting john
-getting m&g for the fillmore
-buttons; humps, V and BOB
-getting a jacket to keep warm ;D
-"nappie" and "gifty"
-seeing the guys going to lunch
-ryan and adam switched instruments
-jesse looked VERY sick. poor kid
-ghetto dancer molestor haha
-jack osbourne franky "do you know what you want"
-gavin thanking tisha
-tall ass stages?!
-meet and greets ;D
-encore without jesse... for a short while
-kara's flowers poster signing
-"kara's flowers suck ass!" hahahah!
-about adam's shoes, i was right, fuckers. lol
-damn. shit. motherfucker.
-waiting for gavin outside
-homeless lady/crackhead jumping into pictures and slapping gavin's ass LOL
-losing tire hubs, scary shit

tuesday. anahiem. hob. 11.25.2003
-sleeping on the floor with my ladies
-dopey hats
-$19 disposable cameras
-james in short shorts
-meeting cool ppl
-o's imitations of everyone lol
-having our personal kareoke while we wait in line
-gavin's meet and greet
-he was wearing tisha's sweatshirt
-gavin is on the market! lol
-jesse looks better
-girl went on stage to give, mickey, adam AND james a kiss...
--distracted adam from singing "ragdoll"
--"ragdoll" was skipped!! argh
-james pulling out guitar strings
--james humping his guitar to jesse's keyboards haha
-Kaumyar gave me a hug once saw me =)
-sabrina talked to Kaumyar on the phone
-merchant table line was crazily long
-talked to fred
-rickey said "hi"
-timothy "how's my hair?"
-moslz became a sorority
-gavin winked at joslyn!!! haha
-heather's room. i want my room like that lol
-the bible LOL
-got a cool...

wednesday. vegas. hob. 11.26.2003
-garage door open...
-saw adam, his gf and his friends walk into hobs when we were eating at hobs!
-heather giving me money to gamble with because she wanna get rid of her change hahah
*-heather humping joslyn's and my leg hahahahahah
*-pooky and sause LOL
-tio waving at me after i called him and made a face lol
-Kaumyar winked at me while he was playing on stage
-Kaumyar PASSED me his drumstick after i screaming for one haha
--it hit me on the collar bone, it hurt
-Timothy recognized me after the show "you were front row yesterday!"
-merchandise! yeeaaahhhh
-i'm going to too much shows lol, their gfs smile at me now when we make eye contact
-I DID NOT GET THE BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =*(
-adam "touching" the bra LOL
-jesse is way better
-threw jesse's gift on stage
--jesse saw and hung it up
--jesse gave us peace signs lol
-wtf was jesse during highway to hell?
-STUPID BUS DRIVER! wrong airport, fucker!
-nice phone call at night when everyone was asleep... leaving me alone ;D

OH KAY. i am really tired. this is all i can remember right now. i will add more later... the addition lines would start with a star for recognition. =)
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