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converting to lj

der complained about how slow my [old] site, thegeekhost.com, is loading and i gave up and gave in to lj. hehe i tried to keep myself away from it as much as possible. i LIKE thegeekhost.com. but it's just a regular site. it's no live journal. it's not a site based solely on live journals... hence (my god denys, i used hence! hehe) it doesnt group up my entries as nice as other live journal sites would... because... i'm too lazy to do that on my own. sooooo... i decided to move to lj. now i do have xanga, but i realized that ppl that dont have xanga cannot sign my guestbook. what's up with that?! LAME. so i wont move there. ever. lol. so here i am. moved. again. lol but FRICKING jdjdfjdfk i'm confused to how to make this whole color thingy work... i want it to look at least decent =( cant even get it to work. boo hoo. oh wells

thank you der for the code =) you so special~ hehehe

old entries could still be found here


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