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cool ass!

i love michele with her survey thingys

this is the my ideal guy survey hahahah

hair color - whatever i dont care lol
eyes - as long as they look nice lol
height - taller than me 5'7" but no taller than 6'
six pack - nice but not neccessary <- ditto
long or short hair - i like short
piercings - no thank you
big butt or little - in between <-- yes
straight teeth, gap, or braces - straight please <-- uh huh
outgoing or shy - in the middle but lean more to the outgoing type
sarcastic or sincere - both depending on situation
should he have a best friend - that would be nice
should he have a lotta of girl friends - girl regular freinds? why not, i have a lot of guy friends lol
should he love his mother - DUH
should he watch girl movies - i dont care if he loves it or not, as long as he doesnt mind watching it with me lol

be a smoker - no no and no
drink - yes, but he wouldn't be an alcoholic or anything <-- haha yes drink very little like meee
swear - just not in every sentence lol
play with your hair - ohhh that's nice
kiss on the first date - if the situation is right. <-- yep
bring you flowers - not too often lol but once in a blue moon as a surprised is nice
lay under the stars with you - awww yes
write poetry about you - it's ok, i can live without that
call you honey, sweetie, or baby - sure why not, as long as he doesnt over do it
hang out with you and your friends - this is mandatory lol
walk you to the door at the end - awww that would be nice
hold your hand - yes
sing to you - hahah why not hehe that would be cute

soccer - doesn't matter
baseball - doesnt matter
basketball - doesn't matter
football - doesn't make a difference.
waterpolo - what's that lol
surf - that could be cute but i dont care lol
skateboard - same as above
snowboard - yeah i like snowboarding
singing - yes
play guitar - it would be a plus but not necessary
play piano - look above
play drums - look above
clean his room - once in a while lol
paint, draw, sculpt - doesn't matter

ok the last part was kinda stupid. lol maybe i should make up a section... maybe not, i gotta work now.
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