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guessing game

taken from heather, </a></b></a>oneworldonelove

pick any 20 lj users on your friends list. without revealing their names, say something about (or to) each one of them. never reveal who is what.. these are the originial rules, but i dont have 20 lj freinds... so i'm just gonna mentioned a few friends in general.

1. you had a "vagina" tattoo on your forehead

2. we made dinner together a few times.

3. ND. the end.

4. you promised me you'll built me a computer in 3 years, 3 years ago.

5. you offered me a lot of things like driving me and living with you.

6. kitty!

7. you saw a band, that we both like, so much that they would point you out in the middle of their concert and thank you for stalking them

8. i am your middle man, without me, you wouldnt have gotten a lot of things you wanted

9. i got an autograph for you by someone i know nothing about

10. you introduced me to maroon5

11. AHHHHHHHHHhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. you and i sang kareoke with another person with the same name as yours in a city we all dont live in

13. you pretended that you didnt hear me when i told you i tasted better carnitas.

14. you're never online and you probably wont read this LOL
15. i dunno that you read my journal. (hehe ppl that fit this number, please leave me a post)

well that was fun lol

Tags: time waster

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