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secret santa

i like heather's email. but anyways, we do secret santa every year. and i think i got an idea of what to get my secret santa... i think. *scratches head* but it's so cool. this is how we did it right. since we never can get all 10 of us together in one place just to pick names... heather decided to be the one to pick the names and be the only one to know about who got who. but after trying a few times her way of randomly picking. we ended up just going into a chatroom; her, salina and i, and salina and i took turns calling out ppl's names and heather just picked a name out of a hat. we got it the second try hahah yay.

but what's even more cool is that we got two 3 people groups. that means a got b, b got c and c got a. and one four people group hahaha that's all 10 of us. i think the three of us should give each other a pat on the back. ;D

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