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not to make it hard for my secret santa, but what i want most for christmas, i already have

so yeah, thank you anyways

HAHAH jk. uhm.. but yeah i'm not sure what i want....
and dunno if other ppl would get me it?

so.. yeah. here it is:

1. a date with maroon5
2. a date with gavin degraw (sorry joslyn and heather haha he's such a cutie)
3. a date with kaumyar (sorry joy, he is REALLY cool tho haha)
4. a trip to boston or new york

ok i'll be more realistic... =(

1. a new cell phone, preferably the small samson flip phone
2. the sony DSC-V1 with a 1 gig memory stick
3. a new mp3 cd player that doesnt skip when i walk. GODDAMN IT
4. ohhh, the ipod LoL
5. the PCG-TR2A, it's time for a laptop i believe.

hehe i'm just kidding. this time it's for real.

1. Sex and the City dvd. Season 5 only. i have all the others. (big surprise? lol amazon is pretty cheap ;P) or any book/novel relating to sex and the city
2. i guess any cool looking top from forever 21. (i need more clubbing clothes, even tho i dont go clubbing hahah) or actually just a gift card from that place is cool too. what is better but to give a girl a shopping spree? or a little one =)
3. anything miko is cool with me =) minus the beanie. me no want miko beanie or any stuff toy, already got miko. (miko = sanrio chococat) i already have it's bowl, pillow and handbag.

uhm yeah, that's about it for now. if it doesnt help, tell heather and she'll tell me and i'll think of some more. ;P

oh yeah,
what i DONT want.
-perfume stuff.
-NOTHING from bath and body works or anything along the line.
-no makeup.
-no jewerly. esp. earrings, i dont wear them.
-nothing maroon5, i can get them myself ;P besides, i have a lot and autographed lol

ok i think i am finally done this time..

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