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christmas cards

i dont think my husband reads this journal, so i will write about him LOL for christmas, since he's part of the secret santa group, i dont have to get him anything. but while i was going shopping with heather for gifts, we were at target looking at christmas cards... and i decided that it would be sooo funny if i got brian a humorous husband christmas card! but you know what i found out? after going to a few card stores? NO ONE makes humorous christmas cards for husbands. there are humorous christmas cards for wives, but not husbands. i mean, do they think that all wives are so serious that they would never look for humorous cards for their husbands? i mean, they were all icky stuff like "all these christmas we spent together...," "you are always the perfect husband," "thank you for being that wonderful person..." i mean... do they think that we, wives, are all just about LLLOOOOVVVEEE?

shesh, they are so wrong LOLOL

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